Sealed tenders will be received by the undersigned until 12:00 noon, Tuesday, July 13, 2021, at the Municipal Office, Seabrook, for the purchase of property not sold when auctioned at the 2021 tax sale.

There will be $100.00 collected to record the certificate of sale for non-land registered properties or $157.50 collected for land registered properties.  There will be $272.50 collected for deed preparation and registration for non-land registered or $330.00 collected for land registered properties.  The three properties listed below are subject to a six-month redemption period from the date of sale and are exempt from migration, through this tender, until sold at a later date by the purchaser.

  Property #                Description Minimum Bid
88 01951858 #88 Schlawitz Ulric P 1035 Weymouth Falls Rd, Weymouth Falls – Land 88 Jarvis Wilfred & Edna $1,180.00
196 04614062 #196 Laugher Douglas R & Welch Katherine L 249 Hwy 217, Freeport – Land 196 Laugher Douglas R & Welch Katherine L $2,500.00
305 10408601 #305 Marshall W F Church Rd, Bear River– Land 305 Marshall W F $300.00

The Municipality makes no representation on the size of any of the lots described.  It is the responsibility of the tenderer to satisfy him or herself on the size of the lot on which the tender is submitted.

Fuller and further particulars of the above described properties may be obtained at the Municipal Office.

Tenders are to be enclosed in an envelope clearly marked “Sale of Unsold Tax Sale Properties” and include the property number and description of the property being tendered, amount of bid, name and address of the bidder and a telephone number where the bidder can be contacted. Tender Form

The Municipality reserves the right to:

(1) Reject any or all tenders,

(2) Not accept the highest tender,

(3) Accept any tender deemed to be in the best interests of the Municipality.

The person whose tender is accepted shall pay the tender price by certified cheque, bank draft, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX within three business days after being notified.

For Information on any of the above-mentioned properties please contact Nicole Robbins

Jeff Sunderland, CAO
Municipality of Digby
PO Box 429
Digby NS B0V 1A0
Telephone (902) 245-4777