Hazard Guide

Based at Digby Municipal Airport

  • Headquarters of the Municipality of Digby Regional Emergency Measures Organization (REMO)
  • Emergency Dispatch Centre.
  • Digby Ground Search and Rescue
  • monitored 24 hours a day
  • ATV Course Area
  • Night Sky Observatory

Call (902) 245-6252 for the administration dispatch center and Regional Emergency Management Organization.

For any emergency of an immediate or life-threatening nature, dial 9-1-1 to report the emergency.

Digby Regional Emergency Management Organization (REMO) serves residents within the Town and Municipality of Digby. It provides coordination and support for regional first responder police, fire, emergency health service and other agencies. It is overseen by elected and appointed members of both governments, and it maintains two Emergency Operations Centres, at the town’s Public Works building, and at the Municipal Airport. Its operations are supported by a regional Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC). The regional EMC for Digby is Bruce Snell. The managers for the Emergency Operations Centres are Jeff Sunderland, Chief Administrative Officer for the Municipality, and E. Tom Ossinger, CAO for the Town of Digby. The administrative staffs of both governments also support Digby REMO operations, and representatives of volunteer organizations serve on the REMO planning committee.

The information on this website is provided to assist residents in understanding, planning for, and responding to a variety of risks and hazards in their homes, their community and in the province. While weather events are the most commonly considered hazards in the Digby area, man-made technical hazards are also possible and should be considered in plans for individual, family, and public safety.

The most effective common advice for all Digby area residents is contained in three basic recommendations:

  • Be prepared for self-sufficiency of up to 72 hours
  • Have a personal and family kit of food, medications and supplies
  • Know the current and possible risks you may face in your home and geography are
  • Guide for Senior Disaster Preparedness

Prepare for the unexpected

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