1. Digby Development Agency (DDA)

town of DigbyOur land assets are managed by the Digby Development Agency, an inter-municipal body made up of the municipality of the District of Digby and the Town of Digby.

Digby has 3 attractive development zones available:

2. Airport Zone

This area comprises 183 acres in the North Range area, conveniently adjacent to the Digby-Annapolis Regional Airport:

Municipal Airport

Within this zone, there is Airport Industrial (AI) zoning, Airport Residential (AR), and Airport Residential/Commercial (ARC), each with adequate separation to allow for a wide variety of uses. This area is un-serviced and undeveloped at this time. There is some hangar infrastructure present, and the DDA is open to proposals on a Design-Build basis.

3. Industrial Drive


As shown in yellow on the maps above, there are two properties available for development. PID 30361349 is approximately 16 acres and PID 30373666 is about 10 acres. The subdivision is possible for both. These lands are surrounded by streets that include municipal services including sanitary sewer, water distribution system, overhead electrical (3 phase on Industrial Drive), and paved roads with roadside ditches and culverts for drainage.

There are three wastewater pumping stations near the sites, one at the end of Shreve Street, one on Highway 217, and one at the intersection of Industrial Drive/Highway 217. The area is zoned Industrial M under the pdf Conway Area Land Use Bylaw (338 KB)  where a wide range of nonpolluting and appropriate commercial uses can be developed.

4. Digby Business Park (North)

Industrial Park

This parcel (PID 3013066) is consists of 171 acres of un-serviced, primarily wooded land. Land use for that area is governed by Digby Wellfield Protection Area Land Use By-Law, pdf Digby Wellfield Protection Area MPS (221 KB)  which restricts uses on roughly 55% of the parcel. Nonetheless, there remains excellent frontage on Highway 217, and approximately 77 acres of raw land not subject to the by-law.

Purchasing Land

If you have an interest in purchasing Digby Development Agency lands, please download pdf Application to Purchase DDA Business Lot (110 KB) . All applications are 100% confidential.