Earthquakes - Floods - Tornados - Hail - Blizzards - Landslides/Snow Avalanches - Tsunamis/Storm surges

What is a natural hazard?

Natural Hazard is an unexpected or uncontrollable natural event of an unusual magnitude that threatens the activities of people or people themselves.

Why should we be concerned about natural hazards?

In every person's lifetime, at least one natural hazard will likely have some impact on their life. even if your community does not suffer from any natural hazards in a particular year, disaster assistance to other communities is partially paid for by everyone's taxes.

Besides the obvious, direct impacts of natural hazards (such as a tornado destroying a house), there are usually many indirect impacts.

As people who live in communities that have been devastated by a natural hazard will often say, there is no such thing as a complete recovery - disasters can forever change our ways of living.
It is important to be aware of natural hazards, Understanding when, where, why, and how natural hazards occur is the first step in minimizing their impacts on our lives.

Where do natural hazards occur?

Everywhere. At least one type of natural hazard affects every location on Earth.