The Bay of Fundy, which is off the northern shore of the region, is known for having the highest tidal range in the world. Exciting conditions are present for developers, researchers, and the public to better understand the potential of in-stream tidal technology to deliver clean, renewable power for generations to come. Research facilities, such as the Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE), are already working in the Bay of Fundy.

Link to Tidal Power Turbine Test Site in Grand Passage Article: The Push for Tidal Power Faces Challenges

Tide Potential (Feet)


Low Tide

High Tide

Tide Differential

Digby 0.6 27.6 27.0
Centreville 0.5 23.3 22.8
Tiverton 0.2 21.7 21.5
Meteghan 0.3 18.7 18.4
Yarmouth 0.6 15.7 15.1

The area is home to Fundy Tidal Inc., one of Canada’s earliest Marine Renewable Energy developers:

Recognizing the large-scale Tidal Turbine industry is still in the developmental stage, Digby was early-on recognized by the provincial government as the “Port of Choice” for Turbine maintenance and deployment.

The community has pro-actively researched possible locations along its shores and has assembled valuable site information that will accelerate future development, illustrated below.

support base site locations

For additional information on this exciting opportunity, please contact Terry Thibodeau, Renewable Energy & Climate Change Program Coordinator at (902) 308-9222 or .