The area, with its expansive coastline and location along the south-western tip of the province of Nova Scotia, has traditionally built its economy on fishing. Our abundant, high-quality Lobster is prized world-wide. Digby is considered the World capital for scallops. Traditional fishing, as well as food processing and manufacturing, are still important sources of employment.

Due to its position as a transportation hub, the region became a tourism destination through the 20th century. Ferries shuttled visitors from the United States to tour the southern Nova Scotia communities. Digby adapted to these new visitors by building accommodations and tourism support industries. Though tourism travel has changed over time, the region is still connected to Maine via ferry and tourism remains an important economic sector. Presently, the natural environment, unique culture and events, like the Wharf Rat Rally and Scallop Days, attract visitors to the area.

Due to its’ geographical advantage, Digby has been validated as the “Port of Choice” for the emerging Marine Renewable Energy sector, notably large and small-scale tidal turbines.