Dog Catcher

Phone: (902) 245-5885

The Municipality of Digby has a by-law in place outlining dog control. There has been a new dog pound constructed in 2003 that can impound 5 dogs with an indoor pen and outside runs for all animals. It is the Municipality of Digby's intention to control the dog population by enforcing the by-law that is in place.

The Dog Control Officer can be reached 24 hours a day by phoning the Municipal Airport at 245-5885 for complaints/concerns. Emergency situations will be handled immediately while all other calls will be responded to within 24 hours. All calls have to be placed at the Airport through the dispatcher at the above number. The dispatcher will determine the significance of the call and relay it to the Dog Control Officer after gathering all pertinent information. ALL calls are strictly confidential and no names shall be released.

If a dog is running at large, not contained to a residence's property, it shall be picked up by the Dog Control Officer and impounded. The dog shall be advertised on the pet pound with AVR for a period of four days, at which time all efforts shall be made to obtain a suitable home for the animal if adoptable. There is an "Adoption Agreement" that is required to be in place on all animals being taken out of the pound. There is a fee to adopt a dog that is fully refundable upon certain requirements being met, which have been set by the Municipality of Digby. If a resident of the Municipality of Digby can no longer look after their animal, there is a program in place that the Dog Control Officer will pick up your animal for a fee, however a "Release Form For Animals" has to be signed and agreed upon which signs all rights of the animal from the owner. More details of these agreements can be obtained by contacting the Dog Control Officer.

Dog Tags are available at the Digby Municipal Office from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at 12548 Highway 217, Seabrook. A dog tag can be the best protection you can have for your dog. If he or she is lost or picked up by the Dog Control Officer, the tag allows him a quick and safe return.

Tag Fees

If your dog has no tag the administration fee is  $10.00.

If the dog is spayed or neutered the administration fee is  $10.00


There is a $5.00 kennel fee for each day the dog is held.

In the case of a second offence the administration fee doubles to $40.00 and the third offence goes up to $60.00. Dog tags save people money!!!!

"Protect Your Pet"

Dog Bylaw

Dogs in Residence

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